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Akura is a community apporach to help students who need a support in education and extra activities such as sports, arts, etc.

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Akura is a non-profit organization who has devoted their time to bring a bright future to children who are in need. We, Akura supports children with their education, extra activities and sports needs.

Akura isn’t bonded or limited to any religious or ethnic group. We believe that every children have a right to learn, play and study equally. By bringing help to them, our aim is to produce an educated, well mannered, future generation for Sri Lanka. 

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Akura Book Donation Program 2016 – Morawewa

Our efforts began on 6th September 2016. A mere month later, we reached a milestone; we were able to donate library...

අකුර පොත් බෙදාදීම 2016 – මොරවැව

අකුර පොත් බෙදාදීම 2016 – මොරවැව

2016 සැප්තැම්බර් මස 6 දින ඇරඹුණු අපගේ උත්සාහය, ඉන් මාසයක් ගෙවෙද්දී ගෝමරන්කඩවල අධ්‍යාපන කලාපයේ මොරවැව උතුර සිංහල පාසලට සහ මොරවැව...

Akura Scholarship Program

විල්පත්තු මායිමේ ඊට්ටිකුලමේ සිට ගෝමරණ්කඩවල දක්වා අප ආ ගමන් මඟ

ළමා දිනය වැඩසටහන 2015 2015 ඔක්තොම්බර් මස 1 දින අකුර අරඹන්නේ ළමා දිනයට සමගාමීවයි. ඒ අනුව විල්පත්තු මායිමේ පිහිටි ගමක්...

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